Hello, Welcome to our Official site, we are a travel agency company since 2015 after previously changing our name and management, we finally decided to use the “myplanbali” brand as our new flag. And we are under the auspices of the Bali Multikarya Indonesia Company, which of course has become a travel business in Bali based on the legality of the Indonesian government.

Bali Multikarya Indonesia PT

We started our journey in opening this business since 2015 where we saw a good opportunity for Bali tourism, where at first we only set up a freelace agent.

After often getting guests from the government related to tour groups, we were advised to establish a company that really stood up through our legal and get permission directly from the Indonesian government regarding services or business services related to tourism and Bali. And we also got the legality in 2022 and decided to open this business unit and run legally from the Indonesian government.

And until now we already have a variety of our business partners both from within and outside the country to run this business in partnership, where some of these vendors are agents as well as hotel and villa vendors as well as tourist attractions in Bali who are willing to work with us.

Services and Satisfaction

We serve our guests very well, that’s why some of our guests are very happy with our services in Bali.

Some of them are from honeymooners in Bali as well as family tours and groups or corporate gatherings which are often held in Bali, we handle them well so we often get references from guests we are handling at that time.

We serve them from the start since their arrival from Ngurah Rai airport, then take them to the rest area and then start tomorrow with their activities and itinerary.

And they also look happy when they are on tour with us because basically we have a basis in the world of hospitality, especially in Bali where this industry guides us in this business so that the guests served are also satisfied with our services.

Company Legals

Bali Multikarya Indonesia PT

Indonesia legals company travel agent in Bali.

Travel Business License Number :

-AHU-053262.AH.01.30.Tahun 2022

-NPWP 61.8992.489.8-901.000

-NIB/SIUP  2611220011516

-KBLI Izin Kegiatan Usaha

-79121 Aktifitas Biro Perjalanan dan Pariwisata

-82302 Jasa Penyelenggara Event

Bank Account BCA 6485540222

A/n Bali Multikarya Indonesia PT